Frequently Asked Questions

How to Make an Order • Why instead of other reputed clothing manufacturers? If you believe in quality clothing with fine stitching and excellent finishing then here we are. You choose the right key to expand your business with us. • How do I place an order? • You’ve to mail your inquiry to us with a brief detail. • Our strong & intellectual merchandising teams reply your valuable inquiry including estimated pricing as soon as possible. • We’ll make samples and post to you for your approval or modification. • After your final approval or modification we’ll go to bulk production. • Should I come to your country for making order? No, it’s not necessary to come here for making order. We’ll update you through email as well. If you wish to visit our production procedure then you cordially welcome. • Which country does you mainly shipped your products? We mainly shipped our products to USA, Australia, Europe, Middle-est and around the world. • Is it possible to make very little quantity for sample then do the bulk production? Of course you can do that. You’ve to deposit a little amount of bulk order. This deposited amount will be reimbursed when placing bulk order. • What is the leading time for getting my samples? You’ll get your samples within 7-10 days. The time leads as same as your samples for 1 to 50. For more than 50 samples it might take up to two weeks. • What is the action time for getting my bulk order? Actually it depends upon your order quantity. Generally our clients get their a few thousand of orders within a month. For big quantity we change our time & action plan and facility to get partial shipment for our clients. • Can I put my own label and tag/logo on my clothes? Yes, of course you can. Send us your label/tag/logo sketch or design to us then we’ll make them for you. Or send us your finished label/tag/logo to us then we’ll put them on your clothes. • Do you provide full service package? Yes, we assure you to provide one stop service as we’ve own 100% vertical set up knit composite factory. • What is the minimum order quantity or MOQ for me? Our MOQ is 1000 piece where 500 piece style. It’s negotiable on some condition. • How do you deliver my orders? It takes up to 7 to 18 days by sea in general and 2 to 5 days by air (if emergency). • Do I make my own sizes? Yes of course, we do make your own custom sizes on request. Also we’ve EU/US/AU/Asian sizes available. • How much variety of colors can I order? You can order a few color for each style. If your order more than 10,000 pieces then you can order any color that you wanted for. • Is it possible to make an order for printed or patterned fabrics? Yes it is possible on some condition if you order meets our minimum quantity of set. Thoughts for getting an order from us * Quantity of your products * Product Sizes * Contact Information * Details of fabric * Full Details of your T-Shirt *Logo information, accessories list and price budget of your order Deliver products to client We deliver products to our client by shipping line in all the sea ports around the world. But we mostly prefer any port that client designated. Our shipping cost depends to client orders quantity but we always try to give reasonable cost to our clients. options to justify about our product quality If you want to know see or check our product quality so then here are some options to you. * By personal agent * Sample will send to you. * Before delivery your products you can take some pieces of products from your orders to make inspection. What you will get if we delay to delivery your orders? Delay!! It never happens to us. But in some case if happens to us then we negotiate with our clients and show reasons for what it happened. If client think that this delay can be harm his/her company then we are ready to take loss but according to our rules. Way to contact with us There are several options to contact with us. *Live chat *Phone *E-mail *Fax *Skype/WhatsApp *Come to our office straight * You can choose one of the options from above as you want. Feel free to contact with us at any moment for any inquires.