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T-Shirt Manufacturing Steps

Our industrial facilities produce the T-shirt according to the customer’s itemized request. We support our customers to source and produce the right quality T-shirts focused around their purpose, the quality standard for advertisement needs, uniform, and retail offering. Fabric Our fabric material is made up of 100% cotton, semi-brushed and ring-spun brushed cotton, natural cotton, bamboo and & cotton mixed, viscose type, cotton and & Lycra mixed, cotton and & spandex mixed, 100% dampness wicking polyester, polyester and & cotton mixed, rayon and & spandex mixed, other mixed fabrics and finished fabric, the jersey surface is most utilized for our shirt, fabric weight range from 110gsm to 280gsm. Construction The patterns range from design to customary articles of clothing, the body cut including impeccable fit, thin fit, normal fit, and petite fit. We can cut and & make diverse styles focused around the proposed design and drawing. Our pattern creator and production team can meet your solicitation to review full evaluating specifications and make a good sample starting from the customer’s cutter requirements from the tech sheet and spec sheet. Sewing Details Our processing plant offer mixtures of sewing machine to meet the unique requests from our clients, we can do even single and & double needle stitching, covered stitching (level lock sewing), chain sewing, blind sewing, herring bone sewing, pear line, zigzag stitch, tacking stitches, and safety stitch. Fabric Wash For a vivid and visual impact plus greater demand for quality, a diverse washing strategy might be utilized on fabric weave and fabric finish. For example, general article of clothing wash, stone wash, compound wash, sand wash, synthetic wash, silicone wash, snow wash, color wash, and creatively colored articles of clothing has a great demand all around the world. Colors All shades dependably utilize responsive coloring, AZO free and earth-friendly, regardless of where the shirts are being offered and utilized for. Custom color will allude to global pantone shade diagram and take back precisely in the T-shirt creation.