T-Shirt Manufacturing Process

All the T-Shirts are produced out of brushed cotton yarn made by high end spinning factories from quality cotton. Every part of the yarn is tried for different varieties of quality and different parameters in Textile testing labs before it is taken to the following phase of sewing. The sewing of fabric for the T-shirts is carried out on foreign made German weaving machines to give immaculate finish and feel. Afterwards, the sewed fabric is Azo-free colored in most recent state of the craftsmanship and applied with an Eco-amicable delicate stream coloring units with Zero release of effluents and the appropriate pollution control permits. The fabric is then compacted by American ‘Tube-Tex’ compacting machines to control the shrinkage for all cotton pieces of clothing. The garments are produced from the above completed fabric with Japanese sewing machines to get immaculate and excellent finish. Quality control is practiced throughout all the techniques by the Q.C. group positioned at every single phase of preparation.

T-Shirt Types

There are essentially two kinds of T- Shirts that we manufacture; the round neck T-shirt and the neckline or Polo T-shirt. Aside from that we also create sweat shirts/pullovers/hoodies of all styles.

T-Shirt Colors

We do have a primed supply of fabric for numerous types of T-shirts in essential shades like white, dark, naval blue, regal blue, red, maroon, light black heather, yellow, desert sand, sky blue, seeker green, water blue, ivory, and dark mélange. Other particular shades can likewise be supplied given the amount is 100 pieces or more for every shade and sufficient conveyance time is given. The cost of the T-shirt will likewise be much higher than the plain and basic ones.

T-Shirt Branding

We have an in-house printing and weaving machines to meet our printing and embroidery needs. We can keep up with our commitment to deliver because of these in-house auxiliary units.