Wholesale Hoodies & Sweatshirts

We mention ourselves as Manufacturers and exporters of Hoodies and Sweatshirts. BD Wear offers a huge selection of Hoodies and Sweatshirts to make sure everyone gets a shirt that fits their personal taste and preference. BD Wear is proud to offer all your favorite colors with low price of sweatshirts, hoodies, and sweatpants. Because BD Wear is exporting exclusive Knitted Sweatshirts to all over the world. We are committed to providing best services for you. We have wholesale Sweatshirt for all sizes ranges at cheap prices. And we are also pride to offer all your favorite size and color of sweatshirts, hoodies. Buy our affordable hoodies & sweatshirts to stay comfy and warm all winter long. They keep you warm, look great, and are really comfortable. Soft, long-sleeve pullover garments usually made of a cotton or cotton/polyester blend knit fabric that is soft and fleece on the inside, sweatshirts have long been worn by athletes while warming up, watching from the sidelines, or cooling off after exercising.

Hoodies and Sweatshirts become a mainstay of the worldwide wardrobe for its comfort, flexibility of design, and casual application. Why you can shop our main categories of hoodies on our website? 1st we have the first-rate hoodies style. Hoodies and Sweatshirts were one of the greatest usual parts of a typical person’s daily wardrobe and came in many various fabrics and styles.  The style makes it a bit bulkier, cozy and soft. This one is perfect for anyone who has to work in a chilled environment, such as a refrigerator truck, a school campus in a cool climate or a cold office. Most important we maintain the quality and standard. We have a team of highly and long time working experience in this field of hat manufacturing.


We manufacture many different types of Hoodies & Sweatshirts, which are described below:


  • Polo Hoodies
  • Zip-Up Hoodies
  • Designer Hoodies
  • Crewneck Sweatshirts
  • Fur Hoodies
  • Fashion Hoodies
  • Hockey Hoodies
  • Pullover Hoodies
  • Quarter Zip Sweatshirts
  • Sweaters & Cardigans
  • Skate Hoodies
  • Slim-Fit Hoodies
  • T-Shirt Hoodies


Why choose us?

Hoodies & Sweatshirts were one of the most common parts of a typical person’s everyday wardrobe and came in many different fabrics and styles. We offer Hoodies & Sweatshirts in any sizes for men, women, and youth. Whatever we have a broad selection of Hobo sweatshirts, full zip sweatshirts and pullover sweatshirts in dozens of color variations. At BD Wear, you’ll also find zip hooded sweatshirts in bright safety colors for jogging or biking on busy streets. If you have to order in bulk, we’re here to make things simple. We have wholesale Hoodies & Sweatshirt for all sizes ranges at cheap prices. BD Wear is proud to offer all your favorite brands of sweatshirts, hoodies, and sweatpants. We offer all the must-haves for your most-loved lounging and athletic wear.

Our hoodies & sweatshirts are versatile and can be worn to the gym and as casual daily wear. Made with durable cotton and polyester blends. We offer volume discounts on bulk Hoodies & Sweatshirts orders. We bring different choices in the ranges of the products according to your need. Our hoodies & sweatshirts will carrying you by brisk workdays and winter sporting matches. So, buy our fashionable Hoodies & Sweatshirts in exclusive price in Bangladesh at BD Wear.