Wholesale Outerwear

If it’s too cold to be outside then this temperatures can have a harmful impact on your health. As Outerwear protect us from shivering cold, it’s very essential to wear it to keep us warm. When cold in outside, warm up with our stylish, quality and reliable outerwear. Outerwear attire is worn over other garments and is generally designed to protect wearers from inclement weather or other adverse environmental conditions. During the winter season, Outerwear is worn for the purpose of keeping the body warm and it’s a trend as well. Whether you need multiple layers, or are simply looking for an all-weather Outerwear, we offer waterproof, windproof, and varying levels of warmth to meet your cool weather expectations. Not many clothing purchases are as important as the choice you make for outerwear. Highly visible, exposed to the elements and hardworking, jackets and pullovers can make or break your day.


We have a wide and helpful array of fabric compositions you can select from. Our products are made based on customers’ designs and specification. Our line of products in the category of woven clothing include: denim jeans, twill, cvc pants, trousers, shorts, bermuda, cargo shorts, swim shorts, capri, casual shirt, rainwear, overall, coverall, snow suit, seasons jacket, fishing shirt, vest, golf pant, hunting jacket, hunting vest, hunting trouser, workwear, sleepwear, dress shirts, blouse, skirts, chinos, school trousers, formal pants, joggers, casual jackets, uniforms, beachwear, corporate clothing, corporate uniforms, hospitality uniforms, healthcare uniforms & school uniforms.


We manufacture many different types of Outerwear, which are described below.


  • All-Weather Jackets
  • Fleece Jackets
  • Fleece Pullovers
  • Packable Jackets
  • Athletic Jackets
  • Shirt Jackets
  • Denim Jackets
  • Puffer Jackets
  • Quarter-Zip Pullovers
  • Hooded Jackets
  • Soft Shell Jackets
  • Vests
  • Windbreaker Jackets
  • Windshirt Pullovers
  • Work Jackets


Why people choose us?

BD Wear is a leading 100% export oriented readymade garments company based in worldwide. Our excellent customer service and product price and quality are unique from others. You can always use our faster shipping method so that your order is delivered if required it promptly at your doorstep. Our products are substantial and ideal fit without hampering movement. As a leading clothing manufacturer in Bangladesh, our commitment is to have our customers experience a new standard of quality, delivery, and reliability. We have brought our about 15 year’s industry experience to serve our distinguished buyers.

This is made from high quality of raw materials and available in different styles. At first you consider walking into an overpriced manufacturing, check out our selection of outerwear at incredible wholesale prices. Jacket and coat shopping can get quite expensive, but when it comes to outerwear, you don’t want to sacrifice quality. That’s why marketing at BD Wear delivers the best of both worlds. At BD Wear, we are committed to providing safe care to your family. If you are interested in our company, want more information about our products or would like to know more about our private label process contact us today!